Marcia Do Vales

Actress / Producer

Keven Kane

Executive Producer


EnMar Productions was created by Marcia do Vales in Madrid in 2008. Keven Kane Joined the company soon after, focusing on new project development. 

 Today we work from offices in Madrid, Ft. Lauderdale & London. To date, EnMar has produced independent films in the USA, the United Kingdom and Spain just to name a few locations. 

 We create, develop, and produce films as well as TV shows. So far this has mainly been in the field of entertainment. We also love projects with a social message and are actively seeking to branch out in this direction.

 The development of the company has been overseen by Marcia, who graduated from the noted Instituto del Cine de Madrid after five years studying both as an actress and filmmaker. She has appeared in a number of TV performances, feature films and shorts, appearing alongside Rutger Hauer, boy band CNCO, Mar Saura, Gary Dourdan, Mark Keller, Peyton Wich and others. 

 We keep ourselves up to date on new trends in the industry, constantly learning as well as promoting our projects and company at internationally recognised film festivals and markets such as the Marche Du Film in Cannes, the AFM in Hollywood and TIFFCOM - Marketplace for Film and TV in Asia.

 We’ve recently been learning how to keep the carbon footprint if our projects as low as possible. Not just during the actual production of a film, but during the process of developing the story from the beginning. If your character can travel by train, then don’t suggest they fly by private jet - unless it’s a really important part of the story. Becoming conscious of the environment is a way of thinking that should go from point zero right through to the screening of a finished film.

Female equality is another important consideration for Enmar. In their pursuit of diversity, film makers have often been absorbed with the question of who is going to direct a movie. It is better, though, to examine every link in the chain, starting, for example, with how many extras are male and how many are female. Equality should be approached across all departments every day, from interns and assistants right through to the leading actors and producers. It is no longer enough to look at the heads of departments and leave it at that.

At our core, we are an independent production company working in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Film, TV, music videos - we work across all media. 

Let’s make the world a magical place by creating beautiful art for all!