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EnMar Productions was originally formed in Madrid, Spain in 2008. Since its inception, the company has grown to be known as EnMar Productions LTD and be based in London, England. The EnMar team has provided production services worldwide including Thailand, China, Spain, USA, Mexico, Italy, UK, Brasil and beyond.

The company began as a partnering of Marcia Do Vales and Keven Kane. Since then, they have worked closely with Lyndon Baldock whose extensive background in film production, with more than 30 films to his credit in 10 years, has brought a great synergy to the team. The artistic development of the company is guided by Marcia, with Keven & Lyndon handling the business as executive producers.

Marcia graduated from the famed Instituto del Cine de Madrid after 5 years studying as an actress and in film direction. She appeared in a number of TV performances, shorts and feature films, appearing alongside Rutger Hauer, Mar Saura, Gary Dourdan and Mark Keller. She is also an accomplished Director and Producer. See more of Marcia IMDB.

As an Executive Producer, Keven brings to EnMar an extensive background in show management and production, spanning more than 25 years. His experience protects the creative vision and delivers the work in production. His personal style is a source of leadership, and encourages a spirit of innovation which is apparent during all productions at EnMar. He is passionate about delivering the best work possible to the production team.

Lyndon Baldock is a well known Executive Producer in the film world. He is known to bring projects in under budget that exceed the expectations of all involved. He is a devoted professional, focusing on the most important details involved in production from the beginning through premier day and beyond.